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  • A virtual incubator for sustainable fashion designers and for lifestyle professionals

    With virtual and in real life coaching services

    We help slow fashion designers become independent from big conglomerates

    To keep the freedom they need to have fun and stay creative

    We spot the latest trends in lifestyle and slow fashion

    To help entrepreneurs with their brand positioning

    We advise them for their distribution channel strategy

    To maximise their sales

    We ensure that you use appropriate and ethical sourcing

    without compromising premium quality of fabrics

    We help you find your way with the Media

    We help entrepreneurs with their brand identity and the liaison with the media.

    We advise entrepreneurs on ways to create in a sustainable way

    by valuing craftmanship, local production and fair trade fabrics.

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    • Fashion designers often have a fantastic creative talent and have more difficulties in expanding in the business side of their activities. Among the difficulties we have identified:
    1. A lack of access to distribution channels, a lack of access to the specialised media, difficulties in designing in one country and manufacturing in other countries.
    2. Financial risks associated with the speed and seasonality of collections.
    3. Difficulty to match uncertain demand with uncertain supply.
    • Thanks to Hack Your Style, fashion designers can become stronger in brand management, content management, visual and video brand identity, and demand/supply chain planning. Wherever possible, we make sure that they are also aware of the importance of mastering and controlling their sustainable supply chain, notably for silk, wool, leather and cotton fabric providers.
    • Why are we different ? Why us ?

    If you are a talented fashion designer, if you are interested in slow fashion and sustainable development, we would like to hear from you. We have a unique network of leaders and non executive directors in the beauty and sustainable fashion industry, as well as in the media industry, with functional subject matter experts who can provide you with unique guidance and open new doors.


    We only live once !


    Yves Zieba


    $100.00 - $10,000.00
    We can help you with your main questions and worries and we can open useful doors for your business development. We can coach you on brand management, product management, supply chain, image and media rights and much more. In an hour, we explore what are the barriers to your growth and help you remove them. We deliver our coaching offer with online tools and you can chose the topic based on your priority (Sales Intelligence, Brand Management, Media Training, Social Media, Increasing visibility)
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    Capturing the instant

    Your work showcased at its best

    During our events, we capture the best instants of your collections

    Producing artistic videos.

    Your visual identity becomes unique.

    Your collection is unique, our fashion and artistic videos are special, maybe we should talk !

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    Cocktail dress designer testimony

    "For business questions, Yves is your man !"

    Comment heard on December 9th, 2016, from one designer we have been advising for the last 3 months.

    Leather accessory testimony

    "Thanks for your help on increasing my online sales numbers"

    Thank you email sent after 30 minutes of online coaching.

    Ethical sourcing

    "I could not imagine that changing the sourcing of my textiles, would help me expand"

    Testimonial of a fashion brand after 3 months of research on alternative sourcing.

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